Privacy policy

Personal Information Protection Policy
Hashimoto Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) fully recognises the importance of personal information and is thorough with its handling and protection. In order to gain the trust of clients we abide by the law on personal information, and hereby declare to comply with the privacy policy below.

Clause 1 Intended use of personal information

1. the Company, will specify the purpose and details of usage of all personal information received from clients.
2. the Company, promise to obtain your consent beforehand when using personal information, except in case 3.
3. the Company, will provide personal information on request to the authorities in accordance with laws and regulations.

Clause 2
Management and protection of personal information.

1. the Company, when managing your personal information, will place a manager in charge of management to ensure proper management and to prevent leakage.
2. the Company, in order to securely protect your personal information, will enforce a reasonable level of security measures and strive to protect your personal information.
3. the Company, in order to provide better service to our clients, may outsource the handling of personal information. In this case, we select a consignee (hereinafter referred to as "subcontractor") from our group company or an agent deemed appropriate to handle personal information. We will manage the consignment agreement in regards to personal information management, confidentiality, re-provisioning and will negotiate necessary matters to prevent the leakage of personal information.
4. the Company, will collect necessary information for the safe management of personal information and make improvements according to changes in laws and social circumstances.

Clause 3
We respect the client’s will regarding personal information.

In using this website, the following acts shall not be performed.

1. the Company, will not disclose / provide your personal information to third parties, other than subcontractors, without your consent.
However, in cases where disclosure is requested by law or when requested to be disclosed from a court or a public agency such as a police office, we may disclose and present personal information without your consent.
2. We will respect our clients’s will and take necessary measures to process changes and deletion requests received directly from the client as soon as possible.

Clause 4
Other related matters.

1. the Company, based on the "Personal Information Protection Policy", have developed internal regulations concerning the protection of personal information, showing clear policies on the handling of personal information to our officers and employees, We will strive to protect the client’s personal information at all costs.
2. the Company, will establish a system for auditing that ensures personal information is protected adequately.
3. the Company, will review and improve the contents of each of the above items as appropriate for the handling of client’s personal information.

Clause 5
Inquiries about personal information

We will accept inquiries regarding your personal information at “”.