Collection: Leather four-fold tape W stitch

A well-fitting four-fold sewing machine tape with excellent volume and strength.

This is a four-fold sewing machine tape that does not use a core and uses only leather for volume and strength.

It is voluminous, strong, and fits very well, so it is often used for pochette hand strings, etc.


1 bag contains 10M

Width: approx. 10~21mm

Leather Noir calf (chrome tanned)

<Production process>

Roughly cut the leather to the finished width, adjust the thickness, and then cut the leather again. Then, fold it in thirds, fold it in half again, and sew it on with a sewing machine.

<About seams>

Because we set the minimum length for connecting our leather straps to be at least 30cm, there may be multiple connections in some cases.

<About the leather parts>

Since the leather cut from the half-plant is randomly tied together, the back and ventral sides are mixed together to form a string, and within 10M there are parts with fine fibers and parts with loose fibers.

This is not a defect, so thank you for your understanding.

Leather four-fold tape W stitch