Collection: Soft Glass

A glassy leather characterised by a matte texture leaving an invigorating impression.

The front side of the leather has been processed with a urethane resin making it scratch resistant, given its strength, it is often used for the handle and back of belts.
Glassy matte texture leaving an invigorating impression with an elegant finish that can be used for various products.

姫路レザー ガラスレザー

  • Manufacturer:Maruhira
  • Leather type:Cowhide(Side)
  • Thickness:1.2~1.4mm
  • Unit Price:¥67
  • Finishing:Pigment finish
  • TextureSmooth
  • Type:Chrome tanning
  • Hardness: Soft ★★★★・ Hard
  • *Prices may be revised without notice due to changes in raw material prices.
  • *Leather has individual differences in thickness.

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