Collection: Premium Bit Shrink

It is characterized by its elastic suppleness and embossed texture that gives it just the right amount of firmness .

A “premium” item with a beautiful and elegant grain.

It is an elegant grained leather that is comparable to high-quality European leather, with a fine grain embossed on a high-quality leather base, leaving a smooth and moist texture.

Because it has a paint finish (pigment finish) , of leather The silver surface (Ginmen) has firmness, and has the characteristics that there is little color change and color fading is difficult to occur.

Chrome leather that can be used for all-round purposes such as business bags and stationery.

Since it is a relatively thin fabric, it is easy to sew with a sewing machine, and is also easy to handle for handicrafts.

Himeji leather made by Kimoto Leather Industry Co., Ltd.

premium bit shrink

  • Manufacturer:Kimoto Leatherworks
  • Leather type:Cowhide(Side)
  • Thickness:1.5~1.7mm
  • Unit Price:¥74
  • Finishing:Pigment finish
  • TextureEmbossed
  • Type:Chrome tanning
  • Hardness: Soft ★★★・・ Hard
  • *Prices may be revised without notice due to changes in raw material prices.
  • *Leather has individual differences in thickness.