Collection: Pork Nume

Pork Nume

  • Manufacture: Tokyo pig leather
  • Leather type: Pig leather (round leather)
  • Thickness: 1.0~1.4mm
  • Deci unit price (excluding tax): ¥70 → 65 (special price)
  • Finish: dyed finish
  • Texture: smooth
  • Tanning: Tannin tanning
  • Hardness: Soft ★★★★★ Hard

This is pork paste made from domestically produced pigskin that is tanned in Japan.

The average thickness of the pig suede we handle is 0.8~0.9mm, but since this one uses thick raw leather, it is approximately 1.4mm thick at the thickest part, making it suitable for use in small items, bags, leather crafts, etc. It is used for various purposes such as (The thickness of the end part is about 1.0mm)

The cost of the raw hide is a little higher, so it is more expensive than the market price, but since it is a spot item, it is sold at a special price.

It will end as soon as it runs out.

We use raw hides with relatively few natural marks, but since pigskin leather has many scratches on its silver surface , we cannot accept orders that specify the condition.

Thank you for your understanding.