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"MADE IN TOKYO" PIG suede with silky touch.

Genuine Japanese leather made from pure domestic leather.

Pig leather is characterized by its good breathability and softness, and is available in an astonishing 86 color variations for you to choose from.

This suede is made by rubbing the floor surface (back side of the leather) with sandpaper or filing to create short, brushed edges.

Since the silver surface has many scratches, we sell the floor surface (suede surface) as a product, but some people use the silver surface depending on the purpose.

pig suede

  • Manufacturer:Tokyo Pig Leather
  • Leather type:Pighide
  • Thickness:0.8~1.0mm
  • Unit Price:¥35 H品番¥44
  • Finishing:Dyed finish
  • Texture:Suede
  • Type:Chrome tanning
  • Hardness: Soft ★・・・・ Hard
  • *Prices may be revised without notice due to changes in raw material prices.
  • *Leather has individual differences in thickness.

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