Collection: MW Basic Nume A4 cut

MW basic slime

Basic tanned leather made from inland raw hides

This is tanned leather that has been drum tanned at a tannery in Hyogo Prefecture.

We handle a wide range of raw hides and types of cowhide from a variety of production areas, and can handle a variety of custom-made tannings, from thin raw hides to 4mm thicker leather.We offer basic tanning products made by tanners who specialize in tanning. Tanned leather .

Generally, a mimosa-based tannin agent is used for tanning, but in addition to mimosa, this leather uses expensive quebracho to improve the tightness of the fibers and give it a moderate firmness. I am.

pigment Finished with a small amount of semi-aniline.

It is called F Nuki We use the raw hides of domestic beef cattle, and since they are made inland, there are almost no branding marks, and compared to overseas raw hides, there are relatively few natural marks.

This is a proud work that our Fukuoka sales office ordered and completed independently so that it can be used for leather crafts, accessories, bags, belts, shoes, etc.