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MW Basic Nume A4 Cut #6 Darkbrown

MW Basic Nume A4 Cut #6 Darkbrown

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Basic tanned leather made from inland raw hide is cut into A4 size.

This is tanned leather drum tanned at a tannery in Hyogo Prefecture.

Basic tanned tanned leather made by a tanner specializing in tanning, which handles a wide range of raw hides and types of cowhide from a variety of production areas, and can handle a variety of custom tanning orders, from thin raw hides to 4mm thicker leather .

Generally, a mimosa-based tannin agent is used for tanning, but in addition to mimosa, this leather uses expensive quebracho to improve the tightness of the fibers and give it a moderate firmness. I am.

The fibers have been massaged to a moderate hardness that is neither too soft nor too hard, giving it a chewy texture with an emphasis on versatility.

The silver surface is ironed with minimal pressure to avoid crushing the grain too much, allowing dye to penetrate well and making carving and stamping easier.

Using a unique tanning agent of mimosa and quebracho, we carefully blend the color to create a cream-like color.

This is a proud work that our Fukuoka sales office ordered and completed independently so that it can be used for leather crafts, accessories, bags, belts, shoes, etc.

It has been skived and is available in two thicknesses: 2.0mm and 1.0mm.


・The product image shows randomly selected leather. It differs from the actual stock.

・Although the item is cut to avoid large gouges and the ventral part where the fibers are extremely loose, it will be sold as a regular item if there are any scratches or uneven fibers.

- In order to enjoy the texture of the leather, we have kept the surface finish to a minimum. Therefore, there are some items with noticeable natural marks. We do not accept orders that specify the condition of the item, such as if you want something in good condition. Please understand that this is a characteristic of natural materials.

- Black dots may be noticeable, but they are not mold as they are caused by a reaction between tannins and iron.

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