Collection: Leather core cord single stitch

A sewing machine tape that combines both edges and features a soft finish without using glue.

This is a sewing tape whose cross section is turned around so that the edges are not visible.

By inserting a core, you can adjust the volume and add various accents to your product.

It has a soft finish because no glue is used.

It is often used for hand laces, etc., because the edges do not create fuzz and blend well with the skin.


1 bag contains 10M

Width: approx. 8~13mm

Leather Noir calf (chrome tanned)

<Production process>

Roughly cut the leather to the finished width, adjust the thickness, and then cut the leather again.

Then, fold back the edges on both sides a little, fold it in half again, and finish sewing it with a sewing machine.

<About seams>

Because we set the minimum length for connecting our leather straps to be at least 30cm, there may be multiple connections in some cases.

<About the leather parts>

Since the leather cut from the half-plant is randomly tied together, the back side and ventral side are mixed together to form a string, and within the 10M, there are parts with fine fibers and parts with loose fibers.

This is not a defect, so thank you for your understanding.

Leather core cord single stitch