Collection: Domestic cowhide tanned round cord 1.0~5.0mmΦ Sold in 1M units

Nume round string

Round tanned leather cord used for various purposes

Nume round cord made from domestic cowhide leather.

The leather is cut into a mosquito coil shape and made into a single piece of leather string, and then the corners are rounded to create a round string, so you can use it anywhere you cut it without any seams.

There are variations in quality depending on the part of the leather.

The ecru color is wireless, but a finishing agent has been applied.

Since brown and black are pigmented finishes, they are less likely to transfer than dyed finishes.

Sales unit

Minimum lot: 1M unit

It will be sold in 1M units as a limited time campaign until March 31, 2024.


Since it is tanned leather, there is a possibility of color transfer depending on how it is used.

We have not conducted tensile tests, so we cannot answer questions such as "How strong is it?"
If a strong load is applied, it may stretch or break.

The diameter shown is a guideline size, so the thickness may vary depending on the part.

Thank you for your understanding.