Collection: MW teacore natural tanned leather

Basic tea core hill-dyed tanned leather made from inland raw hides.

This is tanned leather drum tanned at a tannery in Hyogo Prefecture.

We handle a wide range of raw hides and types of cowhide from various production areas, and can handle a variety of custom tanning orders, from thin raw hides to 4mm thicker leather.We offer basic tanned tanned leather made by tanners who specialize in tanning. The base is leather with a vintage feel and a tea core finished with Oka dyeing.

The fibers are massaged to create a moderate hardness that is neither too soft nor too hard. It has a firm texture with an emphasis on versatility.

The silver surface is ironed with minimal pressure to avoid crushing the grain too much, and is dyed so that the grain is left in place to avoid thick coating, and a thin layer of pigment is sprayed on.

There is no resin finish coating, so if you are concerned about color transfer, please use a commercially available finishing agent.

The base fabric uses a unique tanning agent of mimosa and quebracho, and is carefully blended to create a cream-like color.

called F1 We use the raw hides of domestic beef cattle, and the average size is about 240ds~280ds, and since it is inland rawhide, there are almost no branding marks, so we inspect it in its base state, and use it naturally, giving priority to those with relatively few natural marks. doing.

Since the thickness exceeds 2.2mm, This is a proud work that our Fukuoka sales office ordered and completed independently so that it can be used for leather crafts, accessories, bags, belts, shoes, etc.

*The silver finish is not coated with resin as we place emphasis on texture. Please be careful not to rub too hard as the color may transfer.

  • Manufacturer:Unrevealed(Japan)
  • Leather type:Cowhide(Side)
  • Thickness:2.5~2.8mm
  • Unit Price:¥84
    → 期間限定価格 ¥78
  • Finishing:Pigment finish
  • Texture:Smooth
  • Type:Tannin tanning
  • Hardness: Soft ★★★★・ Hard
  • *Prices may be revised without notice due to changes in raw material prices.
  • *Leather has individual differences in thickness.

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