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For those who want to make their own original cordovan

It is sold with a base made from a uniquely intertwined layer of fibers from a horse's rump.

Since it is in a state similar to nubuck with the cordovan layer carved out, it is possible to create cordovan with a variety of finishes by using leather craft techniques such as dyeing with leather dyes and polishing with glazing. is.

There are various variations of Cordovan, including dyed finish, semi-aniline finish, matte finish, and no glazing, but this is the state before any of these finishes are applied.

The 9th and 10th images are samples that were dyed with alcohol dye and then polished with a ginkgo biloba twisting trowel while applying heat.

Shinki Leather's Cordovan leather is pit-tanned and takes a long time to produce compared to other leathers, making it a rare material that is difficult to mass produce.

Cordovan manufactured by Shinki Leather Co., Ltd.

*This product is limited to the Fukuoka office, so it is not available at the Tokyo or Osaka offices.

*If you would like to bundle the item with other items, the item will be moved from Fukuoka to Osaka, so please allow 5 to 7 business days for shipping.

*As we do not disclose the finishing method, please refrain from making inquiries to Shinki Leather Co., Ltd.

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