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Fully tanned horse leather for clothing that allows you to experience the characteristics of thin and light horse leather

Aniline leather is made from high-quality European hides and dyed using only dyes, giving you the maximum feel of horsehide.

A supple authentic clothing horse that has been impregnated with just the right amount of oil and polished twice to give it an elegant luster. It is tanned leather .

It is soaked in a pit tank soaked with tannin extract and then turned into dough. This is full tanned pit tanning, which takes time to allow the tannins to penetrate.

Compared to chrome tanning, there is less damage to the material, so it is less likely to stretch, and it does not lose its shape even if the fabric is thin.

A recipe developed for leather jackets that creates beautiful wrinkles each time you wear it.

You can wear it as a shirt without lining it, or you can also wear it with a leather vest.

The unique texture of tanned horsehide allows you to enjoy aging in a way that is different from cowhide.

type of leather

horse leather

scientific name

Equus caballus

place of origin


leather size

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leather thickness

Approximately 0.7~0.8mm

(As the thickness is average, there may be individual differences)

unit price of leather

@105 yen / 1ds (excluding tax)
* Prices may be revised without notice due to changes in raw material prices.

Recommended uses


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