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An exquisite balance of luxury, calming luster, and supple texture .

Chrome leather made by Kimoto Leather Works, which boasts one of the best processing techniques in Japan.

With a chewy and elastic touch,
It has just the right amount of weight and is supple, giving it a gentle feel. High quality smooth leather .
The thickness is around 1.5mm and it has a full water-based finish. Chrome tanned .
It is said to be technically difficult to handle in order to have a gentle texture and just the right amount of elasticity.
Spread the light oil evenly to create a light texture.
How  During the finishing stage, four types of irons are used to achieve a moderately glossy finish with no glare.
This is possible only at Kimoto Leather Works, which specializes in oil control and iron work.
It's a recipe that is perfectly balanced.
It has a wide range of uses, but I think products with internal stitching that take advantage of its suppleness are the items that bring out the charm of this leather to its fullest.
It has a chewy texture that feels good to the touch, so it can be used to make bags and accessories that take advantage of its soft feel.
A sense of calm and luxury.
This leather allows you to enjoy the warmth and gentleness of natural materials.

The manufacturer, Kimoto Leather Works, does not use lead or surfactants, and is conscious of the impact on the human body and the environment.
The chemicals used for finishing comply with EU chemical regulations REACH .
type of leather

adult cowhide

scientific name

Bos taurus

country of origin

North America

leather size

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leather thickness

Approximately 1.5mm (As this is an average thickness, there may be individual differences)

unit price of leather

@81 yen / 1ds (excluding tax)
* Prices may be revised without notice due to changes in raw material prices.

Recommended use

Various accessories, bags, handicraft parts, tapes and strings

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