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High quality smooth leather that is dry and smooth.

Chrome leather made by Kimoto Leather Works, which boasts one of the best processing techniques in Japan.
High-quality smooth leather with the goal of achieving both a sticky, silky touch that is difficult to express with processing technology, and strength against tension and deformation.
The thickness is approximately 1.6 mm, and it is thick and difficult to stretch.
However, it is not heavy and very light.
A light water-based finishing agent is used to complete the dye finish .
Since the fine grained surface of the leather is left intact, it is scratch resistant and has high resilience.
Another characteristic is density.
If the bond between the fibers is weak, it will stretch easily, and if it is made thin, it will tear easily, but this material covers these weaknesses.
This feature becomes noticeable when processing with a thickness of 1.0 mm or less.
I think there are many people who have had a hard time trying to restore the edges using cheap chrome leather, and this is the perfect material for those people.
The manufacturer, Kimoto Leather Works, does not use lead or surfactants, and is conscious of the impact on the human body and the environment.
The chemicals used for finishing comply with EU chemical regulations REACH .
type of leather

adult cowhide

scientific name

Bos taurus

country of origin

North America

leather size

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leather thickness

1.5-1.6mm (This is an average thickness, so there may be individual differences)

unit price of leather

@81 yen / 1ds (excluding tax)
* Prices may be revised without notice due to changes in raw material prices.

Recommended use

Various accessories, bags, handicraft parts, tapes and strings