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Jeans Catalogue

Jeans Catalogue

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A utility product made from tanned leather with a moderate oil sheen that creates an outstanding depth.

This is a highly versatile oil leather approximately 2mm in size.

As the name suggests, it is also used on the hip labels of jeans, and is characterized by its casual look and aging. Aging creates outstanding depth.

Although it is pit-tanned leather , it contains a lot of oil, which gives it a moist, supple, and soft texture that makes it easy to use for a variety of purposes.

It is available in a wide variety of colors, and by ironing the leather surface to give it a moderate shine and smoothing the grain surface, it becomes even easier to use.

The jeans are trimmed , meaning that unnecessary parts have been cut off in advance, reducing the awkward areas around the stomach.

This is a pit tanning method in which vegetable tannins are slowly and carefully absorbed into the leather, so the fibers are tightly packed and by polishing the edges with an edge treatment agent, the cuts can be neatly finished.

It can be used for anything, such as accessories, bags, belts, shoes, etc., and it has a nice look, making it Hashimoto Sangyo's most popular tanned leather, which is also purchased by many people for leather crafts.

* New colors may be added or colors may be discontinued without notice, but we cannot accept exchanges or returns. Please note this in advance.

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